Knights of Equity
The oldest Irish-Catholic membership association.
Organizational history
The Knights of Equity (KOE) was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1895, making it one of the oldest Irish-Catholic organizations in America.
Building Community
In our neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth.
Membership in the organisation was open to men 21 years or older of Irish birth or extraction

Love Our Community

Other Irish communities throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States soon followed the Cleveland example, establishing local courts of their own.


The group functioned as a secret society, making use of esoteric ritual, including a four-degree system of initiation.


The organization is governed by an executive body known as the Supreme Council, headed by a chief executive officer known as the Worthy Supreme Sir Knight (WSSK).
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Children are the true bearers of the Kingdom of Heaven. Bring them closer to where they belong and let them experience God –up, close and personal.

Women are the true light of every home. Join us, enrich yourselves spiritually and let your light glow and shine!

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We are unashamedly passionate when it comes praising Jesus.

Symbolism in an Antique Rugs

When decorating people their homes, offices, and even churches, many buy antique Persian rugs as an investment and because of the bright colors and beautifully hand-woven designs. However, there is much more to many of these designs than meets the eye! Although when some people decorating their homes, offices, and even churches, they buy antique Persian rugs because of the bright colors and beautifully hand-woven designs. However, there is much more to many of these designs than meets the eye! Although some antique rugs have been designed merely because the pattern was aesthetically pleasing, many of the models also have symbolic meanings behind them too.

When diamonds intentionally worked into a design, they may represent women, and pomegranates are almost always used as a symbol of fertility, while peacocks usually associated with immortality. Different flowers and plants are representative of different things; for example, peonies may stand for political power, whereas lotus blossoms can represent, immortality, reincarnation, and rebirth. Tulips may suggest wealth or emotional prosperity while hyacinths can represent renewal. Trees may be woven into a design as a literal depiction of the Tree of Life, which is a multi-cultural symbol of the route from Earth to Heaven (or from Birth to Death).

The colors in antique rugs are also traditionally very representative, although some colors of rugs are now more common than others; in part to keep up with the tastes of Western consumers. Red, which is now one of the best common colors of rug use in many churches, traditionally represented courage, love, happiness, and beauty, while blues and golds represented power and wealth. This is partly because when craftspeople started making and designing rugs thousands of years ago the ingredients used to make blue dyes were so expensive that only very wealthy people could afford to buy blue colored fabrics. Gold was also precious because the gold color in some ancient rugs was sometimes even actually threads of finely spun gold. Historically, green was not used because it was traditionally thought of as a holy color and associated with the Islamic prophet, Mohammed. However, green is now used more and more frequently because it appeals to the tastes of Western consumers. White can represent some different things, such as purity and peace, but it is also representative of death and is viewed by some as a funeral color. Brown represented fertility and a good harvest, while black represented destruction.

These symbols can be interpreted on their own, or the whole rug can view as a whole, and the design can be interpreted more like a story. An example of this could be explaining a rug which depicts white diamonds on a red background, as being representative of the happiness and beauty of pure young females. Another example is a rug showing peacocks amongst the lotus blossoms on a blue background being interpreted as indicating the immortality and rebirth of a wealthy nobleman.

Although this guide to symbolism can help you and many churches of nowadays decipher patterns and meanings in antique rugs, be aware that there are many fake antique rugs on the market, where the design has merely copied from older rugs, with no regards to the intended symbolism. It is also possible that designs from different regions of Iran have slightly different symbolic meanings.

Furthermore, many antique Persian rugs have deeply symbolic designs. Choose an antique Persian rug with a design that you feel connected to.have been designed merely because the pattern was aesthetically pleasing, many of the models also have symbolic meanings behind them too.

Top Knights Valley Wineries

When it comes to wines in California, the Knights Valley is one of the most important and old regions where grapes have been cultivated for decades in a row. In fact, according to the area’s history, grapes were the most important thing that grew in the area and provided jobs and income to the people, before the Prohibition was installed.

The biggest investor that saw a potential in Knights Valley was F. E. Kellogg, but almost all the proofs of his investments burned down in the 60s. Eventually, the passion for managing vineyards returned to the people living in Knights Valley and, today, more than 2,000 acres are covered with a variety of grape vines, which made this valley become an American Viticultural Area in 1983. So, if you want to enjoy the picturesque landscape of this valley and also discover the best Knights Valley wineries, take a look at the list below.

The Kendall-Jackson winery can be found in Santa Rosa and is one of the highest selling Knights Valley wineries, starting with the year 2010. This is due to the fact that the wines sold by this brand are always super-premium, meaning that a bottle of this wine will go for more than $15 on store shelves, according to the industry’s standards.

Considering that the vineyard was established back in 1974, we can say that this brand has a long tradition in the area. However, it is worth mentioning that only in 1982 the first bottles of Kendall-Jackson wine started to be produced, as the owners of the vineyard used to sell the grapes at first, without preparing the wine.

The Beringer Vineyards are also among the oldest vineyards in this area, being founded back in 1876. You can find this winery in St. Helena and is currently the oldest winery that is still active since the moment of its foundation. It is also a California Historical Landmark and is mentioned in the National Register of Historical Places.

This is one of the first Knights Valley wineries that organized public tours for wine enthusiasts and had wine tasting events in its premises, which started back in 1934. Of course, everything stopped during the Prohibition. Today, the winery doesn’t belong to the Beringer family any longer, but still produces some of the best wines in the area.

This is one of the Knights Valley wineries that are still owned by a family, and not by a large company. You can find it the center of Sonoma Valley, after a one hour drive from San Francisco.

It is worth checking out this winery if you like to taste special wines, the kind of wines you can’t find in every store. This is due to the fact that this winery focuses on small varietal lots that help them produce unique wines in limited quantities.


Did you ever imagine that the flavor of French wines can entwine with Californian assortments in the same glass? This was the dream of the founder of Clos du Bois Winery back in 1974 when the first bottle of wine under this brand was made.

Since then, this winery is selling only wines produced on the property, so the collection is small but very surprising. You can pay it a visit and enjoy its wine tasting offer from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on a daily basis.

What do the Knights of Columbus do?

When we say knights, we think about castles, swords, men on horses, and the medieval times, so what’s the connection between knights and our modern days? Well, the Knights of Columbus is actually a charity organization, dedicated to offering support to all the people that need it. Back in the days, the knights were always brave men that made sure the kingdom was a safe place.

Today, the modern knights, in the form of men that dedicate their time for helping others, are doing pretty much the same, by contributing to the wellbeing of communities and their inhabitants. But, let us that a closer look at what the Knights of Columbus do and see who they really are.

The Knights of Columbus, as an organization, was founded back in 1882. So, yes, it is an organization with a long tradition in dedicating time for the benefit of others. From the first day the Knights of Columbus saw the daylight, charity work was its main purpose and goal.

The organization is formed exclusively out of Catholic men that get involved in a wide range of activities meant to make the lives of those facing hardships easier. The members of this charity activate both on a local plan and internationally, depending on where their help is needed. The organization even has several charities of its own. Thus, the Coats for Kids, Christian Refugee Relief Fund, Disaster Relief, and Ultrasound Initiative are all part of the Knights of Columbus.

While this organization has fruitful years all the time, 2017 will remain in their history as one of the best years they ever had. What does this mean? It means that the total amount of the donations received by the organization reached a peak, but also that the number of projects in which its members got involved was also the highest. In other words, it was an extremely successful year for the Knights of Columbus.

Of course, their efforts and dedication wouldn’t have reached all the people that need them without the incredible support of their donors and supporters. These men have the willpower and strength to complete every assigned mission, but since we are talking about charity, the organization does need all the support it can get. And the truth is that in today’s world we need brave men like these. They are indeed real knights as their main interest is the wellbeing of others, especially those that are facing great challenges in their lives.

Many people owe their second chances to the Knights, so we should be proud of having them around. From children with disabilities to single mothers, children coming from underprivileged environments, refugees, victims of natural disasters, and so on, they all received the firm yet gentle hand of the Knights of Columbus.

It’s no wonder that this organization survived for well over a century and continues to offer its services around the world. And most certainly we will continue to hear from them, as their mission is far from being completed. There are still many people out there that need their help, so if you have the possibility to do it, do not hesitate to offer your support to the Knights of Columbus.

Lessons we can learn from Joseph

One can never say that their life isn’t filled with even one problem. All of us have problems to solve, and all of us have our own burdens to carry, but there is one thing we can do. Instead of complaining about our problem and mourning about it, we can find ways to solve it and just like Joseph when we acknowledge God for everything, and he will bless us abundantly. The following are some of the lessons we can learn from Joseph:

Have a dream in your life:

Living a life without a purpose makes no sense. Most of us, unfortunately, live that way. We wake up in the morning, and we blindly follow a routine. Having a goal can make your life more interesting, and you will start working towards that goal. Joseph had a dream about how his brothers will bow before him. It might not have made much sense to him in the earlier stage, but as he went, God showed him the way and made everything very clear. Even in your life, you might feel that you have no idea what to do next, but when you seek God’s help, he will guide you and make things clear just like he did for Joseph.

Trust God and not your circumstances:

Joseph was thrown into a huge pit and later sold into slavery by his own brothers, but he still trusted in God and never could you ever see him complaining or mourning about the things that happened to him. God lifted Joseph wherever he went and even when Potiphar’s wife tried to misbehave with Joseph and wrongly accused him, Joseph never complained. Joseph was very true to his master, but even then he was thrown into the prison. There were many situations in Joseph’s life which were totally not fair. But he always chooses to trust God and not his circumstances. When everything around you is sinking sand, you need to hold on to the rock.


Be a man/women of integrity:

We live in a world which is filled with sin, and very often we find how people are characterless. We see how families are broken and people living with so much sadness in their life. One of the main reasons behind this is that fact that people no more have integrity in their lives. Joseph was a man of integrity, and there are many things we need to learn from him. Potiphar made him in charge of the entire household, and when Potiphar‘s wife came unto Joseph, the Bible says that he ran away from the scene. He was very faithful to his master, but moreover, he could never ever sin against God.

We live in a world where nothing is fair, but that does not mean that we cannot achieve the goals which God has set for us. When you trust in God all the time, he will hold your hand and guide you all the way.


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