Knights of Equity
The oldest Irish-Catholic membership association.
Organizational history
The Knights of Equity (KOE) was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1895, making it one of the oldest Irish-Catholic organizations in America.
Building Community
In our neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth.
Membership in the organisation was open to men 21 years or older of Irish birth or extraction

Love Our Community

Other Irish communities throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States soon followed the Cleveland example, establishing local courts of their own.


The group functioned as a secret society, making use of esoteric ritual, including a four-degree system of initiation.


The organization is governed by an executive body known as the Supreme Council, headed by a chief executive officer known as the Worthy Supreme Sir Knight (WSSK).
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Children’s Ministry

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Children are the true bearers of the Kingdom of Heaven. Bring them closer to where they belong and let them experience God –up, close and personal.

Women are the true light of every home. Join us, enrich yourselves spiritually and let your light glow and shine!

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Women’s Ministry

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Women’s Ministry Director
Passionate Worship
We are unashamedly passionate when it comes praising Jesus.

This Poison Ring was used to Poison Kings

700 years ago, one of the best ways to get rid of a member of the royal family or a political figure was either the traditional knife in the back or a tiny drop of poison in their drink.

When it comes to murder by poisoning, you might wonder how these ancient assassins managed to get close to queens and kings without being caught. The answer is quite simple. All they needed was a poison ring; a simple ring with a secret compartment to contain poisonous liquid.

A few years ago, Bulgarian archaeologists discovered such an item that was used by assassins to inconspicuously kill their targets.

Believed to be about 700 years old, this poison ring has a tiny hole at the bottom for expelling a drop of poison in a plate of food or a glass of wine. This particular design is quite clever and it seems to have worked many times.

This ring with secret compartment to hold poison was found in 2012. It features a tiny hole in a place where you would usually find the ring setting and stone. The secret compartment is big enough to hold a few drops of liquid and archaeologists suggest that it may have served its purpose to poison kings by dispensing the poisonous liquid into their drink or food.

poison ring

The ring is thought to be the first of its kind found in the region. It was located in an area that was home to the local aristocracy and this led to speculation that it was used in 14th century politically-motivated murders. There was unrest between Dobrotitsa, the ruler of the independent, and Ivanko Terter, his son, a feud that was responsible for the death of many royalty members at the time.

Even though this is the first poison ring found in Bulgaria, it’s definitely not the first ring designed for this specific purpose. It is said that the original use of these rings was for people to commit suicide in order to escape humiliation or torture. Hannibal is thought to have used such an item to escape from the Romans. It is also recorded that Demosthenes used one to commit suicide after escaping capture and arriving on the island of Calauria.

poison ring

The use of a ring with a secret compartment to get rid of an enemy and the use of poison as a weapon in general was given a great boost in the 8th century thanks to the innovation by Arabic chemists. The tasteless and odorless version of poison made it a very attractive options for the assassins. By the Renaissance, many were selling poison lipsticks, letters, knives, and poison rings. In this way, the ability to kill in a relatively risk-free way was made available to the masses.

Although the era of using poison rings as a murder weapon is a thing of the past, these unique types of rings are still in fashion.

Nowadays, you can find a wide range of modern versions of these rings. Prices range from about $50 to thousands of dollars.

Who is Ron knight?

Ron Kight is an award-winning cannabis lawyer, advocate and author. He concentrates his endeavors on giving legal help to all sectors of the business, including manufacturers, farmers, brokers, laboratories, medical suppliers, scientists, wholesalers, and the retail industry.

Story of a Cannabis Lawyer

The attorney at law said that being a cannabis lawyer feels natural to him and was most likely inevitable. Ron Knight has an individual interest in cannabis. He experimented with it recreationally in college and, the cannabis lawyer proceeded with his “experimentation” now and again into later life. In his mid-thirties, he was determined to have testicular malignancy and needed to undergo chemotherapy treatments. He didn’t have cannabis as a medical relieve at the start. This was because of a lost conviction that trying it as a medical relieve would indeed be simply blaming his illness to get high. However, on an especially troublesome day when he was feeling depressed, he broke down, and as he stressed, he smoked marijuana with his brother. The experience was remarkable and stunning. In fifteen minutes, he felt altogether better and had an appetite after so many days. His flu-like aches dropped and nausea disappeared.

A well-spent evening with his brother

Unquestionably, he was not 100% better. Regardless, he felt all around ok to go through a lovely night chatting with his brother. He ate two servings of spicy Indian food and rested soundly enough to recover some lost energy. Had he not smoked marijuana that night, he would not have eaten, stayed in bed, as well as spent most of the late evening hurling and turning, in agony and nauseated? His energy levels would have proceeded with their steep turn down and he would have been more terrible off for his next treatment. Cannabis helped him through chemotherapy and he settled around then to turn into an advocate for its legalization. Besides supporting with symptoms of chemotherapy, new research recommends that it might likewise be significant in treatment and even prevention of specific diseases.

Ron’s Interest in Business law

Ron moreover has an interest in business law. Law students don’t commonly have “majors” in legal subjects similarly that undergraduate’s do. But, a law student can decide to concentrate on a particular legal zone by taking various courses here. For his situation, he took each business law class that was offered in law school. As a philosophy major in university, he was intrigued by odd implications of having the option to create a detach legal entity under the law and tensions that such a course of action could create between natural entities (i.e., individuals) and artificial entities (i.e., businesses).

The metaphysics of the corporate cover and restricted liability fascinated him. Later, after beginning his very own law practice, the realistic parts of running a business—marketing, bookkeeping, taxes, financing, employee management, and so on — captivated him.

Throughout the years, his law practice immediately migrated toward bankruptcy law. He, in the end, turned into a bankruptcy master and has spoken to various organizations through troublesome reorganizations. He has likewise kept up a general business and commercial litigation practice.

cannabis lawyer

A Timely and Intelligent Resource for Cannabis Industry

Beyond advising individual organizations, the cannabis attorney at law is focused on sustaining, defending, and assembling credibility for the business in general. The cannabis lawyers are more than legal strategists—they are thought leaders: educators, groundbreaking bloggers, speakers and writers. The cannabis lawyer plans to create and keep up long-term relationships with their customers by being dependable legal advisors, confidantes and advocates. They strive to give high-quality representation while keeping up a relaxed and friendly condition.

The Knights Templar and marijuana


marijuana benefits

The Knights Templar was founded by Hugh de Payns of the Pagans around the beginning of the twelfth century to protect pilgrims making their way to Jerusalem. Europe got introduced to the marijuana benefits when the Knights Templar involved itself in a trade of goods and knowledge with the hashish ingesting Isma’ilis famously known as the Assassins. Mansur el Hallaj, an outspoken advocate of intoxication as means to spiritual ecstasy, is stated to have been the founder of the still existing Order Templar Orientis in the official documents. The Knights Templars maintained liaisons with the Isma’ilis in order to obtain cannabis drugs for them for trating their various wounds and diseases. Hence, recognizing marijuana benefits for medicinal purposes had long been established in history.

The Knights Templar and their marijuana needs

marijuana benefits

The Knights Templars as a clan possessed enormous wealth and a massive fleet of ships as well as a strong army and were great warriors. Modern day ‘stoned’ philosopher Robert Anton Wilson dedicates a whole book on the Templars where he states that they practiced a form of Arabic Tantrism, which included ingesting hashish, which they had picked up from their contact with the Assassins. However, the Templars were accused of heresy in an orchestrated attempt framed by King Philip (who was denied admission into the sect) and the Pope Clement V. They were accused when it was felt that they were becoming very powerful at the cost of the rule of the Papacy and the kings of Europe. The many criminal accusations against them were mocking the cross, sodomy and worshipping a mysterious idol in the form of a head. The Templars were found upon and arrested in 1307 on a particular Friday 13th (the origin of the ‘bad luck’ associated with this combination). The crucifixion is a major tenet of Roman Catholicism and the Templars were killed in large numbers for repudiating it.

Thus, marijuana benefits reached Europe through the Templars activity with the Isma’ilis. Marijuana, a cannabis-product, can be used for a myriad number of medicinal benefits like treating anxiety related disorders and chronic stress, curing several forms of epilepsy and various kind of body ache. The European Knights were initiated to cannabis use by the Assassins and were privy to their occult practices. Regardless of the nature of the interactions, the Templars were spiritually influenced by certain movements of Islam and borrowed much of their constitution of their order from them. Through the Templars the knowledge of cannabis and their various products spread to the point that recipes for marijuana wines and tinctures began to appear in European alchemical and medical texts. However, after their persecution at the hands of the Roman Catholics, the remaining survivors, it is alleged in some texts, fled to Scotland and several of their graves bear Templar Insignias. The Knights Templar certainly weren’t outright pot dealers, but it’s undeniable that their interactions with the Middle East influenced the culture back in their native Europe in many ways and brought to light in Europe the benefits of cannabis use.


prescription discounts

This is common to feel pounded, nervous, and conscious while facing huge audience. You may have felt numbness inside your head, hard breathing in the nostrils, and wet hands right before going towards a podium or on a stage for speaking or giving presentations etc. Well, this feeling is usually associated with mental issue that we call nervousness or public speaking anxiety. However, you must not feel conscious or bad about it because even famous celebrities and stars have suffered through such symptoms.


Well, there are so many people had fear of public speaking. They always had hard time before speaking or facing public live during award shows, press conferences, media appearances, and other interviews etc. They have shared their fear of public speaking and ideas by using which they overcame this. These celebrities are:


Jacky Chen, the famous action hero and who did many blockbuster movies had also suffered through public speaking anxiety. He had shared it many times that he always had a hard time while facing public either it was interview, public appearance, stage shows, or while taking an award.


prescription discounts

Who doesn’t know the youngest billionaire and creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg? He has always been great at coding websites and social media along with introducing new tools however this young guy is also a victim of fear of public speaking. He explained that he not so much comfortable to face camera.


Princess Diana and Misses of Prince Charles, the most beautiful lady on earth is also victim of fear of public speaking. Can you imagine? Well, I was also shocked when I learnt in a magazine that Princess Diana is camera shy and has hard time speaking in font audience. I searched for it and found it true.


The confident person and melodious singer Beyoncé also had hard time while speaking in front of the public. She said that facing the camera during shoots is not so tough however she has to overcome her fear of public speaking during live concerts and award ceremonies when huge audience is looking right towards her.


prescription discounts

You will be astonished as well as relieved to know that Prophet Moses also had hard time while speaking in front of public. A verse from Torah reveals when Moses talked to almighty and said:

“Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue” – Exodus 4:10

Therefore, if you are facing the same thing and having fear of public speaking don’t worry. There are ways to overcome this problem though therapies, drugs, and change in lifestyle.


Basically, public speaking anxiety is often associated with feelings that are developed right before an occasion, moment, or program in which a person has to speak, stand, or face different people. It is the fear of facing people. It is a feeling that you may not be able to control yourself in front of audience and won’t be able to speak in front of them. From slight nervousness to a not coverable fear of public speaking. The symptoms of public speaking anxiety include:

• Shaking (hand or body)

• Sweating (through Face or Armpits)

• Butterflies in stomach

• Dryness in the mouth

• Fast heartbeats

• Forgetting lines

• Shaking Voice

• Cold Hands

• Unconsciousness (in worst conditions)

• Numbness of hands (in worst conditions)

• Blurred Vision (in worst conditions)

• Tingling in ears

fear of public speaking

The scientific term related to fear of public speaking is called as Glossophobia. According to researches and studies, around 75 percent of people face some sort of public speaking anxiety or problem at some point of time. They said that we cannot find a real cause of public speaking anxiety however it can be because someone is facing public for first time in life or they are shy by nature. However, the studies also suggest that you must take professional help when it comes to treating public anxieties.


Well, if fear of public speaking, public speaking anxiety, or Glossophobia is not treated at right way, it can result in serious mental issues that would otherwise require extra and more complicated ways to get treated. If it is not treated properly, it can further develop into:

• Lack of confidence

• Lack of self-esteem

• Death of abilities

• Inability to do even simple tasks

• Enjoying gatherings

• Being completely pessimistic

• Being completely introvert

• Hiding in the shells.


Well, when it comes to treating public anxieties there are many ways. Such as:


prescription discounts

Well, first of all, you will have to go and ask a professional regarding your fear of public speaking. Psychologists and psychiatrists will talk to you regarding your symptoms and actual feeling you get while facing public. They will tell you certain ways of changing your thinking ways in order to treat public anxiety. However, if it doesn’t help they will move towards other ways of treating your fear of public speaking.


They will start doing mind changing therapies and ask you to think on different topics. They will make you to imagine like you are facing huge crowd of people and trying to overcome your fear of public speaking. By doing so, you will be able to understand that it is not so hard to face public and give your verdict.


fear of public speaking

There are also certain drugs and medications, available on prescription discounts that can help in treating public anxiety. You can use these drugs purchased on prescription discounts right before facing public. These drugs will boost your mind and improve your focus and let you think less on the things make you anxious. However, don’t forget to check for discounts before purchasing them on prescription discounts so that you don’t get conned by the seller.

How drug marketing may influence prescriptions

prescription discounts

For selling their medicine, the pharmaceutical organizations can influence what doctors recommend. The goal of this article is to represent how pharmaceutical organizations advance medications through pharmaceutical marketing skills. They use such marketing tools that influence prescription discounts as well. The marketing prescription drugs may not apply or suggest by the medical experts but the medicine companies want to sell their drugs at any cost. They use the idea of the creative ad in marketing and promote their medicine. Today, we will discuss how drug marketing influence prescriptions and what kind of way the sales representative use for marketing.

Different ways that sales representative use for marketing that might influence prescriptions:

  1. Endowments and using gift vouchers:

Medication representatives may bear gifts, vouchers and other different ways, all of which impact doctors. Endowments are not that directly and powerfully affect human connections but if you use it in the form of gifts like, pens, complimentary items or anything that attract the people. In the doctor’s matter, the doctors, who accept the gifts from the companies, they used to prescribe more expensive than the other one, who is not responding to such offers. By offering gifts or other facilities in the form of marketing to the doctors, marketing prescription drugs may influence the doctors as well.

prescription discounts

Rather than inviting on dinner or lunch, deals marketing representative may offer many other chances to doctors. Let’s check out what they can offer?

  1. A sales or marketing representative may welcome a doctor to give a supper converse with a little bunch at a superb café. The subject of the discussion does not make a difference, since this is an opportunity for the rep to both respects and pay the speaker, who at that point reacts by endorsing a greater amount of the rep’s medications.
  2. A few organizations welcome network doctors to hoax “speaker training” that include handfuls or even many doctors who are welcomed for an end of the week in a decent hotel, where they are paid, engaged, and go to talks loaded down with promoting messages. Participants may trust that they will create worthwhile talking professions, however, most will sit tight futile for talking solicitations. This sort of huge occasion is normally not a genuine speaker preparing; it is implied distinctly to impact and purchase steadfastness from the participants. Genuine speaker training is more unassuming occasions that generally include less than 20 understood or scholarly doctors.
  3. Marketing representative may likewise welcome doctors to assess a showcasing effort or assess the business abilities of offers marketing representative by tuning in to, and rating, the attempts to seal the deal of different marketing representative. The assessments of the doctor don’t make a difference to the organization, which has its refined techniques for rating its marketing representative. The procedure is to pay the doctor and have the doctor give close consideration to advertising messages to ingest them altogether.

The people who are engaged with the marketing field, they better know who to tackle the person in their deals. They try to sell their product with different gifts offers so the person can easily with their condition. The doctors also write the expensive prescriptions to their patients and the people who want to get the prescription discounts will get disappointed. On the other hand, doctors are promoting the specific drug in which they are getting profit or gifts by the medicine companies.

  1. Marketing studies:
marketing prescription drugs

Doctors might be asked by medication marketing representative or other pharmaceutical organization representatives to take an interest in a “study,” for the most part including an installment for every patient a doctor puts on a focused on medication. This is anything but a genuine report however a “seeding” study, intended to build solutions as opposed to facilitate science.

Many of the investigations done after medication are affirmed might be essential for promoting purposes. In Germany, all “post-marketing” thinks about must be enlisted; an examination of concentrates found that more than 3 years, over a million patients took an interest in 558 post-marketing studies supported by 148 makers of medications or medicinal items. Supporters spent more than €217 million on paying doctors for these investigations (most installments were somewhere in the range of €1000 and €10,000). There were frequently a low proportion of patients to doctors. Just 5 of 558-under 1%-were distributed. Most examinations were case arrangement, once in a while indirectly called single-arm planned investigations. Without controls, these investigations are deductively useless. The way that these were to a great extent uncontrolled, unpublished examinations is aberrant proof that these are studies are intended to advance medicines, not progress science.

  1. Opposing the commercial influence:
marketing prescription drugs

As per industry insiders, a few organizations send doctors or pharmacologists utilized by the organization to converse with doctors at their training destinations. This might be a method for getting around guidelines concerning marketing representative. Since these wellbeing experts do not deal marketing representative, they can address unapproved uses and different subjects that medication marketing representative is not allowed to discuss.

Medication marketing representative may welcome doctors to a lunch or supper talk by a scholastic doctor, or somebody who is compelling in a network. The speaker is paid by, yet not normally a representative of, the supporting organization, and the discussion will cover a few advertising messages. However, the speaker may not sell the medication. These “thought pioneers” or “KOLs” might be utilized in limited time talks or at proceeding with instruction occasions; they are significant for pushing unapproved utilizes, bringing issues to light of focused illnesses, and forming an impression of a medication’s advantages and damages, just as recognitions about contending drugs. KOLs are additionally significant for “sickness marking” or “condition marking,” in which a particular condition (now and then one that is designed by the organization) is connected with a particular therapy. Some organizations work in recognizing KOLs who can help impact their peers.

Bottom line:

marketing prescription drugs

The patients who want prescription discounts get influence by the marketing prescription drugs because their doctor prescribes these drugs and they have to buy it at any cost. This drug marketing influence patients more than a doctor because the patient needs to take the drug so, he will buy it without getting any prescription discounts.

Drug makers Create their own generics to stifle competition

rx discount

For quite a long time, numerous pharmaceutical organizations have disdained low-valued generic imitators that have taken deals from their multimillion-dollar brands, recommending that the duplicates are not as solid as the firsts. Presently, in any case, huge medication creators like Merck and Marion Merrell Dow are reporting that they will deliver duplicates of their very own portion items to snatch a bit of the $4 billion-a-year generics advertise.

For shoppers who may have been careful about changing to proportionate items from new nonexclusive medication organizations, items that may contrast somewhat from the firsts and might create less agreeable outcomes. This will mean an opportunity to pay less for an item they were at that point utilizing, produced by an enormous organization they have figured out through pharmaceutical investing how to trust. While, over the long haul, the move into generics by significant producers may crush a few competitors out of the market, which could mean costs will not fall as sharply as they may have something else like RX discount.

How Generics Supposed to Work?

The 1984, an act gave pharmaceutical organizations restrictive insurances for enhancing another medication. In the event that they breathed life into another treatment, they delighted in patent insurance to successfully monopolise the market. That was the result for bearing the high hazard and mind-boggling expenses of growing new medicates along with RX discount.

Yet, when the patent held available terminates, the legislation urged competitors to profit customers. Any medication organization would almost certainly fabricate non-brand name variants of a similar medication, that is usually referred as generics.

rx discount

The system was running very well but suddenly, it expected to reward medication organizations for their advancements, however inevitably secure consumers, is methodically being broken. Medication organizations are defeating rivalry through various strategies, and the outcome are high costs, almost no challenge, and medication quality issues because of different pharmaceutical investing forces.

The ways companies stop generics

One of the ways branded medication makers counteract rivalry is basic is money. In alleged pay for postponement tasks, a brand medication organization essentially pays a nonexclusive organization not to dispatch a form of a medication. The Federal Trade Commission evaluates these settlements cost U.S. purchasers and citizens $3.5 billion in higher medication costs every year. Citizen petitions offer medication organizations another approach to defer generics from being affirmed. These ask the Food and Drug Authority to postpone activity on a pending conventional medication application. By law, the FDA is meant to organize these petitions.

The FDA said branded medication makers submitted 92% of all resident petitions. A large number of these petitions are recorded close to the date of patent death, successfully restricting potential challenge for an additional 150 days.

rx discount

Approved generics are another strategy to confine rivalry. These are not generally nonexclusive items by any stretch of the imagination. They are a similar item sold under a conventional name by the organization that sells the branded medication. By law, the principal nonexclusive organization to advertise a medication gets a selectiveness time of 180 days. During this time, no different organizations can advertise a conventional item. By selling a medication, the making generics under an alternate name, pharmaceutical firms are successfully expanding their restraining infrastructure for an additional a half year.

However, the first medicate engineer frequently decreases to sell pharmaceutical investing to generics producers by referring to FDA prerequisites, by which they mean the office’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies program. The thought behind this program is a decent one. It offers access to patients who will profit by these customized drugs, and bar access for patients who will not profit and could be genuinely hurt. In any case, brand tranquilize producers are referring to these necessities for the sole motivation behind shielding generics from coming to advertise.

Why Drug makers start making their very own generics

Rivalry among nonexclusive medication makers generally drives down costs by a third to a half in the initial couple of years. While, after 6 to 10 nonexclusive creators bounce in, costs may fall further. A few items in the long run sell at near expense, or even as misfortune leaders.

Common sense may recommend that selling an item at a cost far lower than along with RX discount its indistinguishable model may cut down the market for the more costly form. Yet, that is not the situation here because that doctors frequently keep on endorsing the well-known brand name. In spite of the fact that drug pharmacist can give a generic except if the doctor prohibits substitution, clients whose medications are to a great extent secured by insurance frequently need the more costly brand and approach the pharmacist for it.

Such is the situation with the blood pressure drug Dyazide of SmithKline Beecham. It makes a copycat drug that Rugby, the generic merchant, sells for a third less. While, 50 percent of clients purchase the costlier brand, and 36 percent purchase Smithkline’s less expensive Rugby variant and just 14 percent purchase different generics. SmithKline’s offers of unique and conventional Dyazide were $148 million a year ago.

rx discount

The FDA requires that generics be bio-equivalent, intently mirroring the first’s presentation, yet generic organizations need to make sense of the procedures and ingredients without assistance from the originator. Subsequently, there can be slight varieties in ingredients, and patients sometimes see contrasts. The main varieties in a brand creators’ very own generic item would be in the pill’s shading and bundle. The president of U.S. Human services Consultants named Max Ferm said that the enormous pharmaceutical organizations can in this way eliminates with worries about quality. The move by enormous medication creators is giving new authenticity on the generic business, after outrages quite a while prior in which officials of a couple of organizations were discovered bribing Federal controllers on applications for FDA approval. Because of all of such reason and issues, different drug makers started to create their own generics and still they are being producing tons of generics in the market those are quite
useful to stifle competition in the market.

Symbolism in an Antique Rugs

When decorating people their homes, offices, and even churches, many buy antique Persian rugs as an investment and because of the bright colors and beautifully hand-woven designs. However, there is much more to many of these designs than meets the eye! Although when some people decorating their homes, offices, and even churches, they buy antique Persian rugs because of the bright colors and beautifully hand-woven designs. However, there is much more to many of these designs than meets the eye! Although some antique rugs have been designed merely because the pattern was aesthetically pleasing, many of the models also have symbolic meanings behind them too.

When diamonds intentionally worked into a design, they may represent women, and pomegranates are almost always used as a symbol of fertility, while peacocks usually associated with immortality. Different flowers and plants are representative of different things; for example, peonies may stand for political power, whereas lotus blossoms can represent, immortality, reincarnation, and rebirth. Tulips may suggest wealth or emotional prosperity while hyacinths can represent renewal. Trees may be woven into a design as a literal depiction of the Tree of Life, which is a multi-cultural symbol of the route from Earth to Heaven (or from Birth to Death).

The colors in antique rugs are also traditionally very representative, although some colors of rugs are now more common than others; in part to keep up with the tastes of Western consumers. Red, which is now one of the best common colors of rug use in many churches, traditionally represented courage, love, happiness, and beauty, while blues and golds represented power and wealth. This is partly because when craftspeople started making and designing rugs thousands of years ago the ingredients used to make blue dyes were so expensive that only very wealthy people could afford to buy blue colored fabrics. Gold was also precious because the gold color in some ancient rugs was sometimes even actually threads of finely spun gold. Historically, green was not used because it was traditionally thought of as a holy color and associated with the Islamic prophet, Mohammed. However, green is now used more and more frequently because it appeals to the tastes of Western consumers. White can represent some different things, such as purity and peace, but it is also representative of death and is viewed by some as a funeral color. Brown represented fertility and a good harvest, while black represented destruction.

These symbols can be interpreted on their own, or the whole rug can view as a whole, and the design can be interpreted more like a story. An example of this could be explaining a rug which depicts white diamonds on a red background, as being representative of the happiness and beauty of pure young females. Another example is a rug showing peacocks amongst the lotus blossoms on a blue background being interpreted as indicating the immortality and rebirth of a wealthy nobleman.

Although this guide to symbolism can help you and many churches of nowadays decipher patterns and meanings in antique rugs, be aware that there are many fake antique rugs on the market, where the design has merely copied from older rugs, with no regards to the intended symbolism. It is also possible that designs from different regions of Iran have slightly different symbolic meanings.

Furthermore, many antique Persian rugs have deeply symbolic designs. Choose an antique Persian rug with a design that you feel connected to.have been designed merely because the pattern was aesthetically pleasing, many of the models also have symbolic meanings behind them too.

Top Knights Valley Wineries

When it comes to wines in California, the Knights Valley is one of the most important and old regions where grapes have been cultivated for decades in a row. In fact, according to the area’s history, grapes were the most important thing that grew in the area and provided jobs and income to the people, before the Prohibition was installed.

The biggest investor that saw a potential in Knights Valley was F. E. Kellogg, but almost all the proofs of his investments burned down in the 60s. Eventually, the passion for managing vineyards returned to the people living in Knights Valley and, today, more than 2,000 acres are covered with a variety of grape vines, which made this valley become an American Viticultural Area in 1983. So, if you want to enjoy the picturesque landscape of this valley and also discover the best Knights Valley wineries, take a look at the list below.

The Kendall-Jackson winery can be found in Santa Rosa and is one of the highest selling Knights Valley wineries, starting with the year 2010. This is due to the fact that the wines sold by this brand are always super-premium, meaning that a bottle of this wine will go for more than $15 on store shelves, according to the industry’s standards.

Considering that the vineyard was established back in 1974, we can say that this brand has a long tradition in the area. However, it is worth mentioning that only in 1982 the first bottles of Kendall-Jackson wine started to be produced, as the owners of the vineyard used to sell the grapes at first, without preparing the wine.

The Beringer Vineyards are also among the oldest vineyards in this area, being founded back in 1876. You can find this winery in St. Helena and is currently the oldest winery that is still active since the moment of its foundation. It is also a California Historical Landmark and is mentioned in the National Register of Historical Places.

This is one of the first Knights Valley wineries that organized public tours for wine enthusiasts and had wine tasting events in its premises, which started back in 1934. Of course, everything stopped during the Prohibition. Today, the winery doesn’t belong to the Beringer family any longer, but still produces some of the best wines in the area.

This is one of the Knights Valley wineries that are still owned by a family, and not by a large company. You can find it the center of Sonoma Valley, after a one hour drive from San Francisco.

It is worth checking out this winery if you like to taste special wines, the kind of wines you can’t find in every store. This is due to the fact that this winery focuses on small varietal lots that help them produce unique wines in limited quantities.

Did you ever imagine that the flavor of French wines can entwine with Californian assortments in the same glass? This was the dream of the founder of Clos du Bois Winery back in 1974 when the first bottle of wine under this brand was made.

Since then, this winery is selling only wines produced on the property, so the collection is small but very surprising. You can pay it a visit and enjoy its wine tasting offer from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on a daily basis.

What do the Knights of Columbus do?

When we say knights, we think about castles, swords, men on horses, and the medieval times, so what’s the connection between knights and our modern days? Well, the Knights of Columbus is actually a charity organization, dedicated to offering support to all the people that need it. Back in the days, the knights were always brave men that made sure the kingdom was a safe place.

Today, the modern knights, in the form of men that dedicate their time for helping others, are doing pretty much the same, by contributing to the wellbeing of communities and their inhabitants. But, let us that a closer look at what the Knights of Columbus do and see who they really are.

The Knights of Columbus, as an organization, was founded back in 1882. So, yes, it is an organization with a long tradition in dedicating time for the benefit of others. From the first day the Knights of Columbus saw the daylight, charity work was its main purpose and goal.

The organization is formed exclusively out of Catholic men that get involved in a wide range of activities meant to make the lives of those facing hardships easier. The members of this charity activate both on a local plan and internationally, depending on where their help is needed. The organization even has several charities of its own. Thus, the Coats for Kids, Christian Refugee Relief Fund, Disaster Relief, and Ultrasound Initiative are all part of the Knights of Columbus.

While this organization has fruitful years all the time, 2017 will remain in their history as one of the best years they ever had. What does this mean? It means that the total amount of the donations received by the organization reached a peak, but also that the number of projects in which its members got involved was also the highest. In other words, it was an extremely successful year for the Knights of Columbus.

Of course, their efforts and dedication wouldn’t have reached all the people that need them without the incredible support of their donors and supporters. These men have the willpower and strength to complete every assigned mission, but since we are talking about charity, the organization does need all the support it can get. And the truth is that in today’s world we need brave men like these. They are indeed real knights as their main interest is the wellbeing of others, especially those that are facing great challenges in their lives.

Many people owe their second chances to the Knights, so we should be proud of having them around. From children with disabilities to single mothers, children coming from underprivileged environments, refugees, victims of natural disasters, and so on, they all received the firm yet gentle hand of the Knights of Columbus.

It’s no wonder that this organization survived for well over a century and continues to offer its services around the world. And most certainly we will continue to hear from them, as their mission is far from being completed. There are still many people out there that need their help, so if you have the possibility to do it, do not hesitate to offer your support to the Knights of Columbus.

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