One can never say that their life isn’t filled with even one problem. All of us have problems to solve, and all of us have our own burdens to carry, but there is one thing we can do. Instead of complaining about our problem and mourning about it, we can find ways to solve it and just like Joseph when we acknowledge God for everything, and he will bless us abundantly. The following are some of the lessons we can learn from Joseph:

Have a dream in your life:

Living a life without a purpose makes no sense. Most of us, unfortunately, live that way. We wake up in the morning, and we blindly follow a routine. Having a goal can make your life more interesting, and you will start working towards that goal. Joseph had a dream about how his brothers will bow before him. It might not have made much sense to him in the earlier stage, but as he went, God showed him the way and made everything very clear. Even in your life, you might feel that you have no idea what to do next, but when you seek God’s help, he will guide you and make things clear just like he did for Joseph.

Trust God and not your circumstances:

Joseph was thrown into a huge pit and later sold into slavery by his own brothers, but he still trusted in God and never could you ever see him complaining or mourning about the things that happened to him. God lifted Joseph wherever he went and even when Potiphar’s wife tried to misbehave with Joseph and wrongly accused him, Joseph never complained. Joseph was very true to his master, but even then he was thrown into the prison. There were many situations in Joseph’s life which were totally not fair. But he always chooses to trust God and not his circumstances. When everything around you is sinking sand, you need to hold on to the rock.


Be a man/women of integrity:

We live in a world which is filled with sin, and very often we find how people are characterless. We see how families are broken and people living with so much sadness in their life. One of the main reasons behind this is that fact that people no more have integrity in their lives. Joseph was a man of integrity, and there are many things we need to learn from him. Potiphar made him in charge of the entire household, and when Potiphar‘s wife came unto Joseph, the Bible says that he ran away from the scene. He was very faithful to his master, but moreover, he could never ever sin against God.

We live in a world where nothing is fair, but that does not mean that we cannot achieve the goals which God has set for us. When you trust in God all the time, he will hold your hand and guide you all the way.