When we say knights, we think about castles, swords, men on horses, and the medieval times, so what’s the connection between knights and our modern days? Well, the Knights of Columbus is actually a charity organization, dedicated to offering support to all the people that need it. Back in the days, the knights were always brave men that made sure the kingdom was a safe place.

Today, the modern knights, in the form of men that dedicate their time for helping others, are doing pretty much the same, by contributing to the wellbeing of communities and their inhabitants. But, let us that a closer look at what the Knights of Columbus do and see who they really are.

The Knights of Columbus, as an organization, was founded back in 1882. So, yes, it is an organization with a long tradition in dedicating time for the benefit of others. From the first day the Knights of Columbus saw the daylight, charity work was its main purpose and goal.

The organization is formed exclusively out of Catholic men that get involved in a wide range of activities meant to make the lives of those facing hardships easier. The members of this charity activate both on a local plan and internationally, depending on where their help is needed. The organization even has several charities of its own. Thus, the Coats for Kids, Christian Refugee Relief Fund, Disaster Relief, and Ultrasound Initiative are all part of the Knights of Columbus.

While this organization has fruitful years all the time, 2017 will remain in their history as one of the best years they ever had. What does this mean? It means that the total amount of the donations received by the organization reached a peak, but also that the number of projects in which its members got involved was also the highest. In other words, it was an extremely successful year for the Knights of Columbus.

Of course, their efforts and dedication wouldn’t have reached all the people that need them without the incredible support of their donors and supporters. These men have the willpower and strength to complete every assigned mission, but since we are talking about charity, the organization does need all the support it can get. And the truth is that in today’s world we need brave men like these. They are indeed real knights as their main interest is the wellbeing of others, especially those that are facing great challenges in their lives.

Many people owe their second chances to the Knights, so we should be proud of having them around. From children with disabilities to single mothers, children coming from underprivileged environments, refugees, victims of natural disasters, and so on, they all received the firm yet gentle hand of the Knights of Columbus.

It’s no wonder that this organization survived for well over a century and continues to offer its services around the world. And most certainly we will continue to hear from them, as their mission is far from being completed. There are still many people out there that need their help, so if you have the possibility to do it, do not hesitate to offer your support to the Knights of Columbus.